Ten Ways to Spend Less than $20 This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about expensive jewelry and fancy restaurants. Whatever your plans are this February 14th, you don’t have to break the bank. Get tips on doing Valentine’s Day—all under $20.

  1. Use a coupon! Don’t let a tight budget keep you from having a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. You can use coupons for buying groceries to cook a romantic dinner at home and maybe also for a special gift. Find exclusive coupons from owl.deals now.
  2. Make heart-shaped pan­cakes for break­fast. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. If your batter is thick enough, you can hand-pour a decent shaped heart. Or use a mold, if you have it. To make healthier pancakes, use whole wheat flour, egg whites and skim milk, and serve with fruit.
  3. Write your heart out! Cut­ out hearts from red con­struc­tion paper or post-it notes and writ­e things you appre­ci­ate about your partner, child or family member. You can place the notes all over the house, in the car, and even on a computer screen.
  4. Pack a special and healthy lunch for your valentine. Show your family that you care about them by packing a special and healthy lunch for them during the week of Valentine’s Day. Include a note expressing how much you love them. Get tips on healthy eating.
  5. Give the gift of peace of mind. Many free and low-cost health clinics offer preventive health screens—including tests for diabetes, high blood pressure and prostate—for less than $20. So find a health clinic near you and make it a date!
  6. Save up for a special night out with your valentine. Set aside that money you would have spent on chocolates or roses and watch it grow in a savings account.
  7. Put away your wallet and volunteer! Spread the love. Instead of spending money on flowers or a fancy dinner, volunteer together! Spend a few hours of your time putting smiles on others’ faces. Find a volunteer opportunity near you on volunteermatch.org.
  8. Give your loved one the gift of health. Buy your valentine a health journal, where he or she can keep track of meals, exercise routines, doctor’s visits, and much more. You can find low-cost health journals at any major bookstore. Learn about healthy living.
  9. Instead of roses, give your loved one a plant that will last.Houseplants not only add to your home’s décor, but they can also bring you health benefits.
  10. Spend some free time with your loved one!  Curl up with your valentine in front of the fireplace—or even better, at the kitchen table—and check out the MyFreeTaxes!  Save time and money by filing your taxes for free! Who said doing taxes can’t be romantic?
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