Spring into Summer

Warm weather, spring breaks and longer days . . . there is no doubt summer is almost here! But before you start making your summer plans, check out the Beehive’s list of 13 ways to make your life easier this spring.

Grow Your Career
  • Snag a Summer Job or Internship
  • Attend a Local Job Fair

Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy, Live Healthy

  • Get Up and Get Moving
  • Be Smart about What You Eat
  • Don’t Let Allergies Get in the Way
  • Grow Your Own Food

Save Your Money

  • Budget, Budget, Budget
  • Take a Family Staycation

A Healthy Home Is a Happy Home

  • Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning
  • Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Activities for Kids

  • Find College Scholarships
  • Sign Up for Summer Camps
  • Help Your Kids with Summer School
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