HERstory: Denise Hart, “The Motivation Mama”

Denise Hart is a woman with many titles: college professor, life coach, founder and artistic director of The Children’s Theatre Workshop, Inc., author, speaker, actress and trainer. Followers of her daily inspirational tips and blog also know her by the social media handle, “The Motivation Mama.”
Born in Omaha, Nebraska but a resident of Washington, DC, Denise is passionate about helping women, coaches and entrepreneurs take their big life and business ideas and turn them into reality. She studied theatre and film in college. (“The Wire” fans may remember her as “Miss Anna” on the 2006 season of the HBO drama series.) Eventually, Denise decided to become a professor of theatre at Howard University to help others master the skills that would give them the best chance to achieve their goals and dreams. In addition, she runs Words to Live By, LLC, a business and life coaching practice. During the summer, she operates a performing arts camp for youth in the Washington, DC area. For the past 14 years, approximately 75 kids have come together for five weeks for what she calls theatre boot camp. “Through the performing arts, these students learn to strengthen some of the most valued skills in our society: teamwork, courage, self esteem, independence, confidence, respect, creativity, and problem-solving abilities,” Denise says.
Denise is also a certified Reiki practitioner, a member of The Screen Actors Guild, the International Association of Coaching, and the Creativity Coaching Association.
To learn more about Denise, the Beehive asked her to answer these ten questions:
  1. The proudest moment in my life so far: Being granted tenure as a college professor. This milestone acknowledged and honored my commitment to mastering my field of study.
  2. One woman I look up to: My mother, now deceased, is one woman that I continue to look up to. She exemplified to me and my siblings what it means to stay passionate, go after your dreams and earn a good living and serve others.
  3. I’m inspired by: The world around me – color, sounds, textures, people’s conversations, and nature. These inspirations keep my own mojo flow strong so that I can stay engaged with my clients and help them move forward in their own lives and business.
  4. One of the greatest things about being a woman is: The freedom to be able to mix feminine sensuality with creative and intellectual competence.
  5. One thing I do to make my life easier: I do things ahead of time such as planning a month’s worth of blog posts and writing them on one day.
  6. My favorite thing to do in my free time: Belly dance, read and go to the beach.
  7. I hope that someday: The world will be filled with people who are living their lives with courage, creativity and confidence.
  8. One piece of advice I would give other women: Get the kind of training that will give them the freedom to live their lives fully.
  9. Something that makes me smile: Helping others
  10. I would like to accomplish: I would like to retire from academia in 10 years. But I’d also like to have a thriving practice geared towards helping individuals and businesses deepen their ability to do meaningful work and offer services that will bring happiness to others.
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