How Do You Send Money from a Bank or Credit Union?

Using Credit Unions Is Often Less Expensive

While you can send money through either banks or credit unions, credit unions can usually send the money faster and at a lower cost.

If you are sending money internationally, being a member of a credit union will cost you less when you transfer money to credit unions in other countries. The money is sent using an electronic funds transfer service called IRnet, that’s available in over 40 countries. It costs around $10.00 for each transfer up to $1,000.00. There are no fees for the person receiving the money, and they don’t have to be a member of a credit union.

Find a credit union near you and ask them about sending money.

Send Money Between Bank Accounts

Two people with bank accounts can easily send money from one account to another. Banks usually charge a flat fee for this service, and the transfer can take from two to five business days within the US, more time for international transfers.

Some banks require that you have an account with them before they will send money for you. If you don’t have a bank account yet, now may be a good time to open one! Find a bank near you.

You’ll usually need to show a photo identification to send money. Most places require a government ID, such as your passport or driver’s license.

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