Your Taxes Are Filed, Now What?

To get more answers, call the IRS Customer Service number at 1 (800) 829-1040 (toll-free).
Within 2 days: Within two business days of filing your income taxes online, you will receive an email with information about your federal tax return and if it was accepted or rejected by the IRS. If you don’t get an email, come back to the Beehive and login to the Tax Tool again. You will get instructions there on what to do.

Accepted or Rejected?

When you e-file, you receive a notification that your return has been accepted or rejected. If it has an error, you can fix it for free and resubmit it. If it went through with no problems, you can rest knowing that this part is complete. If you owe the IRS money, mail in your payment. If you are getting a refund, the paper check or direct deposit is on the way!

Return Accepted

If your taxes have been accepted, and you were able to use last year’s return to complete the signature process, you are done with your taxes. Create a file for the paperwork you used to prepare your taxes and save it for future reference.

Return Rejected

Returns are rejected for many different reasons and most can be resolved very easily. If your taxes were rejected, you need to know why your return was not accepted. The rejection notice will come with an explanation.

  • If a mistake was an incorrect social security number, wrong birthday, or a misspelled name, you can fix this and send the return back to the IRS.
  • You may need to file using a paper return if there are other errors, (for example, if someone else has included one of your dependents on their tax return).
  • If you have further questions about a rejection, you should call the IRS Customer Service number at 1 (800) 829-1040 (toll-free).

E-filing your State Tax Return

Residents of most states are required to pay state income taxes. You cannot e-file a state return if the federal return has not been accepted.

If the federal return was accepted by the IRS and you e-filed your state tax return at the same time as the federal return, you should get a message from the state within two days. If you chose to e-file the state return at a later time, it should take two days to get the message.

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