Medicaid is a government-funded program that helps those with limited income and resources pay for health care. The program is managed by the states and may be called by a unique name in your state (for example, “Medi-Cal” in California, or “Tenncare” in Tennessee). Each state Medicaid program may also have different rules and benefits than other states.

Program Benefits Am I eligible? How do I apply?

Medicaid benefits vary from state to state. In general, Medicaid pays health care providers directly for their services, though you may be required to pay a small part of your total bill. In some states, Medicaid benefits are bundled with other health care benefits provided by that state.

Your eligibility depends on things like:

  • Your income
  • What property you own
  • Investments and money in bank accounts
  • If you’re pregnant, disabled, blind, elderly, or living in a nursing home
  • If you’re a U.S. citizen or are living legally in the U.S.

These are examples of ways states determine your eligibility, but your state will have its own specific requirements and rules. Contact your state Medicaid office to find out if you might be eligible for benefits.

Each state has its own application requirements. Contact your state office for more information about how to apply in your state.

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