Food Stamp Eligibility Tool

More than 30 million households receive Food Stamp Benefits. Your household may be eligible for SNAP if:

  • All members are U.S. citizens, have lived legally in the U.S.A. for 5 or more years, or have certain refugee or protected status.
  • Your household has moderate savings accounts or investments
  • Your combined income meets the requirements below

Talk to a local agency for other exceptions.

Remember that this information is meant only as a guide.

Food Stamp Eligibility Guide

Food Stamp Eligibility Guide (starting October 1st, 2009)


If your household has this many people (including children): Your household’s monthly income (before taxes) is less than:
1 $1174
2 $1579
3 $1984
4 $2389
5 $2794
6 $3200
7 $3605
8 $4010
For each extra person, add $405 to the allowed monthly income.


Is it possible to eat healthy on a food stamp budget?

Visit to find out.

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