Child Care Assistance

Child care assistance programs (funded by the Child Care and Development Fund) are available in every state. They are managed by agencies chosen by the government (called “lead agencies”) that make decisions about eligibility, benefits, and what to call the program in that state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Benefits   Am I eligible?   How do I apply?

This program helps families with low incomes pay for child care. If you are eligible for assistance, you’ll have to pay a portion of the cost of child care, but what you pay will be based on how much your family makes (sliding scale fees). The percentage you’re required to pay will vary depending on where you live.

You may be eligible for assistance if:

  • Your child is 13 or younger, or has a disability You have a low to moderate income (income requirements vary by state)
  • Your state may have additional requirements.

Contact your local agency for more information.

In some states, families can apply by telephone or mail. Contact your local agency to find out what you need to do to apply in your state. In many communities there also are child care resource and referral (CCR&R) agencies that can provide information about how to apply for child care assistance. Find a CCR&R agency near you or call (toll-free) 1-800-424-2246.

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