National Child Support Resources

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement is run by the Administration for Children and Families at the Department of Health and Human Services.
If you want to file a child support order, you must  file through/visit one of their local offices.
Sometimes this process can seem like a lot of work (it’s worth it, though). To make help guide you through this, the DHHS has the following resources:
A child support handbook. This is a great, easy read and has lots of information. Plus, it’s easy to print and something you can carry wherever you go.

The more information you have, the better prepared you’ll be to get support for your child. There are several websites that can help. Learn more about some of them below:

National Coalition for Child Support Options
This site discusses child support enforcement options and tips for parents on how to get help from government child support agencies.

Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights
Get support with family law, child support, and father’s rights issues.

The Men’s Center
Fathers can learn about their rights when they don’t have custody of their children. They can also get connected to resources across the country.

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