Managing Diabetes on the Job

We can’t stress enough that diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from having an active, productive life. That means on the job, too. You are protected by law under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). If you have diabetes, this law protects you during a job interview and after you are hired, too.

Your employer may ask if:

  • You need a break to take medication.
  • You need private space to check your blood glucose level and inject insulin.
  • You need a place to rest until blood sugar levels are normal.

An employer may not tell others about your diabetes except:

  • Telling a supervisor to provide help you need.
  • Telling first aid workers in an emergency.
  • For offices to obey the ADA and other laws.
  • For insurance or worker’s compensation.

Don’t forget to always maintain your healthy diet.

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