Adults make up the largest population of people with type 2 diabetes. They have insulin resistance, which means that their bodies don’t use insulin properly. As a result, type 2 diabetics must change their lifestyle, watch what they eat, exercise and take their medication (if prescribed by a doctor) in order to control diabetes.

Who Is At Risk?
People who have or are at risk of getting type 2 diabetes:

  • Are 55 or older
  • Are African-American or Latino (the risk is twice as high as it is for White people)
  • Have a close relative (parent, brother, or sister) who has diabetes
  • Are overweight or don’t exercise
  • Have a history of high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol

However, children and young adults have been getting type 2 diabetes in the past few years because they consume a lot of fat and sugar and don’t exercise enough. Healthy living is important in preventing diabetes in not only adults but in children, as well.

Symptoms of Type 2
Adults who develop type 2 diabetes may display the following symptoms:

  • Overwhelming thirst that does not go away.
  • Frequent and/or uncontrollable urination
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow-healing infections
  • Impotence in men

If you notice these symptoms in yourself or a loved one, call a doctor. Diabetes can be treated, but it can also do damage to your body if the symptoms are ignored.

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