Pregnancy & Diabetes: Tips for Expectant Moms

As you begin to plan for a new bundle of joy, how you handle your diabetes during this delicate time is most important. Here are five health tips to keep in mind:

1. Assemble a good health team that includes:

  • a doctor or health care provider who is specially trained to care for diabetic patients.
  • an obstetrician who handles high-risk pregnancies and has cared for other pregnant women with diabetes.
  • a pediatrician (children’s doctor) or neonatologist (doctor for newborn babies) who knows and can treat special problems that can happen in babies of women with diabetes.
  • a registered dietitian who can change your meal plan as your needs change during and after pregnancy.
  • a diabetes educator who can help you manage your diabetes during pregnancy.

2. Be cautious with your medicine. If you use diabetes pills now, you won’t be able to while you’re pregnant. A doctor may advise you to use insulin shots instead.

3. Check your blood glucose levels as instructed by your doctor or health care provider.

4. Stick to your dietician-approved meal plan in order to keep your sugar levels in range.

5. Exercise is a key part of diabetes treatment whether you’re pregnant or not. Talk to your doctor about the risks of exercising while pregnant, especially if you have conditions such as heart disease and/or high-blood pressure.

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