Diabetes Diet: Avoid Work Weight Gain

Worried about weight gain at work? Plenty of diets go south as soon as you get to the job. Too many temptations exist – from the box of donuts at the 10 a.m. meeting to the vending machine in the lunchroom. It makes eating healthier a serious challenge, especially for those managing diabetes. If the goal is to lose weight and keep that blood sugar in check, there’s only one way: Be prepared to avoid work weight gain.

Here are some tips for eating healthily at work:

  • Stick to your meal schedule. This may be your toughest task, as mandatory meetings, stressful deadlines and late nights at work could easily come in between you and your diet. Don’t let it. Carry your lunch or snacks to meetings. Try to schedule appointments around your meal times. If you have an alarm on your watch or cell phone, set it to remind you when to eat.
  • Pack your food. Avoid eating out or buying unhealthy snacks from the machines or corner vendors. Instead, fill your lunch container with all of your meals for the day, from breakfast to lunch to a late-afternoon snack to dinner. That way, you when you’re hungry or need to balance your glucose level, you’re all set.
  • Eat healthy. Choose whole grains, fruits or vegetables for snacks instead of candy bars or chips.
  • Drink water. Stay away from sodas and sugary drinks. Instead, keep hunger pangs away by staying hydrated and full with at least eight glass of H2O.
  • Watch your portions. Sometimes you can’t avoid eating out at lunch. If so, make healthier choices, eat smaller portions and avoid all-you-can-eat buffets. Remember to use your visual cues. A protein portion should equal the size of your palm. Grains such as rice and oatmeal should fit the size of your fist. And, one handful of nuts is equal to one serving.
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