Calcium-Rich Foods for a Diabetic Diet

Research suggests that calcium-rich foods for a diabetic diet can help lower the risk of or improve diabetes. Great news, right? It’s not a bad defender against osteoporosis, either. Calcium has always been popular for strengthening bones. So, try to add at least 2 to 3 servings to your diet every day to get the calcium you need. How do you make sure you have enough calcium-rich foods for a diabetic diet?

Make sure you choose non-fat and cholesterol options to curb weight gain. Try:

  • fat-free milk or skim milk
  • non-fat yogurt
  • non-fat cheese

Can’t drink milk? Try lactose-free milk products or calcium-fortified soy or rice milk. If you don’t drink any kind of milk, find calcium in sources such as broccoli, oranges, beans and kale. If you wish to try calcium supplements, talk to your doctor first. Some supplements could interact with your diabetes medication.

Note: While dairy is a staple in the diabetic diet, consult with a dietician for guidance on your daily allowance.

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