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In some cases, while you’re on the Internet, you may want a printed version of the site or information you’re looking at. If you’ve purchased an item, such as movie tickets, being able to print the confirmation page can make proving your purchase much easier. Whether you need to print an e-mail or directions, or you need confirmation of a payment, flight information, etc. you can easily print from the web.

Step 1: Start by opening the page you want to print.

Open your Internet browser and type in the web site you want to print. Whether you’re in your e-mail account, shopping online or looking at Google maps for directions, the process is basically the same.

Step 2: Change preferences and page settings.

Once you’ve opened the page you want to print, click on “File,” in the upper left corner of the page.  Then  click “Print Preview” to change any printer settings, the number of pages you want to print, color, etc. Click on “OK” or “Apply” to change your settings.

Step 3: Finish by printing the web page.

When you’re ready to print the web page, click on “Print” in print preview or from the File menu.

Step 4: Optional ways to print.

There are two other ways to print a web page. One is to click on the printer icon on the site you’re viewing. Most web sites will make printing easy by putting the option right on the page, though you may have to look for it. Another way is to place your mouse cursor on an empty part of the window and right click your mouse. This will open a list of options including: “Print Window.” Click on print window, and voila, you have a printed version.

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