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Much like your browser history, “computer cookies” can help you quickly navigate the web. When you visit a web site, cookies store site settings and information on your computer. This can be anything from your user ids, passwords or e-mail addresses to items you’ve added to a virtual shopping cart like on Ebay or Amazon. Cookies can be helpful and don’t pose any real threat in most cases. But if you’re sharing a computer and/or don’t want this type of information stored, you can easily delete them. Here’s how to complete this task with a variety of Internet browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Open the Internet. From the start menu, open your Firefox web browser
Step 2: Find Internet options in the tools menu. Click on “Tools” in the menu bar
Step 3: Change your privacy settings. In the tools menu select “Options” and find the “Privacy” icon. From here you can make changes to the privacy settings on your computer.
Step 4: Make changes to your cookies. In the Privacy menu click on “Show Cookies.”
Step 5: Delete some or all cookies. Select individual cookies to delete or click “Delete All” to remove all cookies. If you only want some information stored, you can delete specific cookiesand save others. If you want all information erased, delete all makes it easy to keep this information private.

Internet Explorer

Step 1: Open the Internet. From the start menu, open your Internet Explorer web browser.
Step 2: Find Internet options in the tools menu. Click on the tools menu and select “Internet Options.”
Step 3: Find general options for the Internet. In Internet Options select the General Tab.
Step 4: Change general settings for the Internet, including cookies. In the General tab click “Settings” then “View Files.”
Step 5: Delete some cookies from your computer. Delete single cookies by selecting the cookie, to delete multiple cookies hold down the Control “CTRL” key and select the cookies you want to delete.
Step 6: Delete all cookies. To delete all cookies hold the “CTRL” and “A” key to select all, then press the “delete” key.


Step 1: Open the Internet. From the start menu, open your Safari web browser.
Step 2: Find preferences for Safari. At the top of your screen click on Safari to open the drop down menu, find and click on Preferences.
Step 3: Change your security preferences. In the preferences menu click on the Security icon
Step 4: Display your cookies. Under “Accept Cookies” click on “Show Cookies
Step 5: Choose which cookies to delete. In the cookie menu you can select an individual cookie to remove or delete
Step 6: Delete all cookies. To delete all cookies select “Remove All.”
Step 7: Finish deleting cookies. Once you’ve deleted all of the cookies you want erased, click “Done.”

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