Diabetes: Move More & Stay Active

Our bodies love movement! With regular exercise, our hearts and lungs function better. Our muscles get stronger. Our waistlines shed unnecessary weight. Our joints become more flexible. And, when we work out consistently, we help keep our diabetes in check, too. This section will help you start an exercise plan, keep you motivated and help you manage your diabetes. Are you still sitting down? It’s time to get moving!

Step 3: Work Out Your Fitness Routine
Don’t forget to check-in with your doctor prior to starting any fitness activity. In the meantime, here’s what you’ll need to think about and do to benefit from daily exercise as a diabetic.

Weigh-In: How Active Are You?

Being diligent with your diet is important in managing diabetes. But another vital component that can't be forgotten is physical activity. Healthy people move, ...

Diabetes and Exercise: Key Steps to Getting Moving

What is the importance of exercise if you have diabetes? Research shows that daily exercise can help improve the body’s use of insulin. For a person with ...

Diabetes and Exercise: What to Wear to Work Out

You’ve started working out to slim down and help manage your diabetes. Now, do you have the right gear? It may not seem all that important, but what you wear ...

Diabetes and Exercise: Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track

You’ve made the commitment to make exercise a part of your diabetes plan. Some days will be harder than others, especially when schedules and life’s challenges ...

What’s Your BMI Number?

If you’re trying to get fit and healthy with the goal of managing your diabetes, it’s good to keep your eye on the number on the weight-loss scale. But, the ...

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