Beginner | Video: How to Search the Web Using Google

Stumped for a good restaurant to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Curious about the weather in Instanbul? Interested in tracking down your family’s ...

Beginner | Video: Opening E-mail Attachments Safely

Once you’ve gotten the hang of emailing, you’ll find that it’s a great way to send attachments of photos, documents, etc. to friends, family, and others. ...

Beginner | Printing a Web Page

In some cases, while you’re on the Internet, you may want a printed version of the site or information you’re looking at. If you’ve purchased an item, such as ...

Beginner | Setting Up a Free E-mail Account With Gmail

You may wonder why you need an e-mail address, right? You’ve communicated with people all of your adult life just fine without one. But the truth is, if you ...

Beginner | Video: How to Create a Strong Password

Whether you’re using online banking or just checking email, it’s important to keep your information private and secure. One way to stay protected online is ...

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