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Giving Thanks: A Diabetic’s Healthy Holiday Plan with Recipes

Eating during the holidays with diabetes can be challenging. How do you find good-for-you, diabetes-friendly recipes that you and your family will want to eat? ...

How to Be Prepared with Diabetes: A Supplies Checklist

When it comes to your diabetes, do yourself a favor — make preparation your best friend. Having everything you need helps you manage your health more ...

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

A lot of people start the new year with a list of goals they resolve to accomplish in the year to come. But it’s not always easy to do everything you intend to ...

Children Living with Abuse

When children live in homes where there is physical, emotional or verbal abuse, they suffer tremendously. The violence creates tension, fear, and uncertainty.  ...

How Do You Collect Child Support?

The process of getting child support is a lot easier when you have the right information and step by step instructions. Step 1: Establish Paternity ...

Talking About Domestic Abuse and Healthy Relationships

The Beehive sat down with Joanna V Hunter, author, speaker and blogger on domestic abuse issues, to talk about domestic violence and relationships. Since 2001, ...

High Blood Pressure: Just the Facts

What is high blood pressure? The force at which blood presses against the walls of your arteries is known as blood pressure. Normally an individual's blood ...

What You Should Know About Sexual Assault and Rape

By Alexis Cala There are a lot of myths surrounding sexual assault and rape, like only women are victims, it’s often a stranger who assaults or rapes ...

National Child Support Resources

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement is run by the Administration for Children and Families at the ...

Information for the Non-Custodial Parent

Doing the Right Thing As a parent, you want to do the right thing for your child. And that means giving your child the financial and emotional support s/he ...

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