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Back-to-School Guide 

Find free help to get ready for the school year and stay active in your child's education

Healthy Lunchbox Recipes | Save Money on School Supplies | Save Money on College Admission Fees | Help with Bullying | Get Involved at Your Child's School 

Going to college

Let us help prepare you and your family for college. Learn what you need to know before you graduate high school or what it takes to get your GED.

Choosing a College | College is for Everyone | Paying for College | How to Get a GED

Find a College in Your Area

Check out the universities, colleges, community colleges, and trade schools in and around your local area. Just enter your zipcode and let us help you find the school that's right for you. 

Students with a Learning Disability

There may be a number of reasons why your child is struggling in school. But if your child struggles consistently no matter how hard he or she studies, he or she may have a learning disability (LD). 

Use this section to better understand why your child may be struggling in school, and to figure out what kinds of services are available to help.

K-12 Homework Help

Find out how you can help your kids do better in school. Get information about helping your children with homework, choosing free and low-cost tutoring programs, and more.

Elementary School | Middle School | High School



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