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Free Help With Middle School World History Homework

Middle school world history homework help
Courtesy of Mc Quinn via Flickr


Great History Sites
This is a great site designed for kids to search for history information. You can search for a specific event, person or place or even by period.

Biographies of Famous World Leaders
At this site you can get 18,000 biographies of notable men and women from the ancient world to the present. Among other activities, test your people I.Q. by taking the "Master Biographer Challenge."

Ancient History

Ancient & Classical History
This is another great resource for studying ancient history. It has information on the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, but also has lots of information Aztecs, Mayans, Chinese and other ancient empires.

The Middle Ages (300 - 1400s)

The Middle Ages
What was it like to live in the Dark Ages? You can learn all about the feudal system, home life, knights and the arts of the Middle Ages at this site.

Islam: Empire of Faith
Get an overview of the rise of the Islamic Empire through a close look at its roots in religion, culture, scientific innovations and leaders. If you have an assignment about Islam or the rise of the Arabic empire this is a great site to start looking for information.

The Vikings
Learn about the Viking culture – their fierce wars on Europe, the brave explorations of the New World and their complex and beautiful art and artifacts. If you have a project on the Vikings this is the place to start.

The Renaissance (1500's)

Renaissance Interactive
What inspired the age of balance and oroder? Take a virtual trip through the Renaissance and experience everyday life of the people who lived then.


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