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High School Biology Homework Help


The Cell
This site has all you need to know about cells, from the nucleus to the chloroplast! If you have homework or a test on cells this site will help you learn the different parts of a living cell.

The Tree of Life: Exploring Living Diversity
The Tree of Life is a project containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics. The information is linked together in the form of the evolutionary tree that connects all organisms to each other.



eNature: Online guides to Animals, Reptiles, Sea Animals & Birds
Need a know something about animals? eNature is the ultimate site for you to identify and learn about the natural life. You can search their online Field Guides for great information on birds, land and ocean animals, as well as learn more about the importance of your ecosystem. You can even download a local wildlife guide for your community!

Monterey Bay Aquarium Animal Exhibits
See live web cams of animals from the sea, including jelly fish, kelp forests, and otters.  Explore online activities and find a great source of information to help you with science homework and projects.



If you have a project or test on photosynthesis this site has some great resources for you study. This covers everything from the basics to the more complicated aspects of how plants live and breath.

Plant Reproduction: Seedy Side of Plants
Discover the unique methods seeds use to travel in their quest for survival. Find out how plants learn to live in unlikely environment. Learn how controversial genetic engineering is, and how it's altering the natural seed production of plants.


The Body

The Virtual Cell
Explore a virtual cell online and see the different parts of the cell in detail. If you are doing any projects in biology and cells, this is the place to see what you have been reading about! To start your journey read the simple instructions on the “About Virtual Cell”.

The Human Body
This site has everything you want to know about the human body, from how our muscles work to the different part of the brain. You can either choose the Enhanced version with some pretty cool web effects (you need to download a Flash Player if you don’t already have one) or the Standard version. Either way, there is lots of information about our bodies.


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