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High School Writing Homework Help

Forget when to use a hyphen? What’s the difference between a colon and a semi-colon? Check out this site to get the inside scoop on punctuation marks.

Learn Your Vocabulary
Do you need to grow your vocabulary? You can go to this site to learn great vocabulary words for your tests and play fun games to make sure you know the words you just learned.

Online Creative Writing Lesson
This is a free online course to help the young aspiring writer in mind. The online lessons help you develop your writing skills starting with the fundamentals of creative writing. You can also get tips in character development, getting over writer's block, plus writer activities and forums!

Create Mind/Concept Maps
Need some help in getting started with your writing assignment? This site will take you step-by-step in creating a mind or concept map for your assignment. A mind map is a new way of drawing out your essay, story or other writing project to help you organize your ideas!

This site was developed by the New York Public Library and allows teenagers to publish their poems and short stories on the web. Read some really great stories written by teens and remember, if you make it in New York, you can make it anywhere!

Get help with the writing process from beginning to end. OWL helps you develop your outline and provides resources to help with grammar, punctuation, APA and MLA styles, and more. 
Find websites and resources that can help you from beginning to end. Use these tutorials and directories to learn how to write outlines, intros, thesis statements, and more.
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