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Helping My Child With Homework

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Find out how you can help your kids do better in school. Get information about helping your children with homework, finding a quiet place in your home, choosing free and low-cost tutoring programs, and getting help online.

To help your children do well in school, it is important for you to get involved in their education and their lives. This section will show you how to make a special homework space in your home, learn ways to make homework more fun and get advice on how parents also need a positive attitude about homework.

Create a Great Homework Space
Find out how to make a quiet place in your house a special study area where your children can do their homework.

Tips on Helping With Homework
Learn about important things you can do to make sure your children finish their homework.

Keep a Positive Attitude
Parents also need to have a positive attitude about school and homework.

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I was looking to join my 6 year old boy in English classes.We are not native English speakers.I want want my boy to be a good English speaker.I don't have English classes for small kids in our area.Please advice what shall i do in such case.As of now i started teaching him with available free videos on internet like Please advice what are the ways to teach kids.Please provide me tips and suggestions.

i want it for free
lookin for after school program for my child.
I am looking for free math tutoring in the Bronx for my daughter who is in 4th grade. She is in danger of not being promoted to the 5th grade. Anyone have any suggestions?
get her a tutor

looking for free homework help online for my kids