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How You Can Afford College

Photo of a student holding books

Even though college is expensive, it may not be as hard to pay for as you think. There are many things you can do make it more affordable.

  1. Stretch each dollar. 
    Choices you make about going to college can boost your budget. For example, you could start taking classes at a school with low tuition and transfer to a more expensive school later on. You could also take online classes to save money on room and board. For more tips, check out these resources:
    Money-saving decisions don’t have to wait until you are in college. Find out how to start saving now:
  2. Make a plan.
    Making choices that save money will help you maximize each paycheck, but setting up a good financial plan is also important. The earlier you begin planning for the cost of college, the better prepared you will be by the time you are ready to go.

    Learn about financial planning for college.
  3. Get help.
    There are many ways you can get help paying for college:
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