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Step 2: Get a Child Support Order

You need a child support order to determine how much money your child will receive.  

To get this process started and get assigned a caseworker, you need to contact your local child support offices.

Caseworkers in these offices will help you collect child support no matter where the other parent lives. They work with attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and family and domestic courts.

They can help you establish paternity and find a missing parent. The court will then help determine how much child support you can collect based on how much the other parent can afford.

If you already receive public benefits (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), then you are required to apply for child support (unless the other parent is abusive). Your caseworker can help you get the paperwork started.

What Happens Once You File for Child Support?
The non-custodial parent will be told by the child support enforcement office that you are seeking support for your child. Your caseworker will ask him/her to come in for an interview or let him/her know you are getting a child support order.

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