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Personal Property Protection

Personal Property Protection: $35,000 Limit This coverage means the insurance company will pay you up to $35,000 to repair or replace personal property like your clothes, furniture, or TV that are damaged or destroyed in an accident.

A nice additional benefit of personal property insurance is that it will often protect your property if it is damaged or stolen, even when you are not at home (for example if packages are stolen from your car while shopping). But this depends on your insurance company and the type of coverage you choose, so it is something you should ask your insurance agent about when you buy a policy.

Note: Although your overall limit may be $35,000, many special items like jewelry or stereo and computer equipment will have their own much lower limits. Make sure to pay attention to these limits when you buy a policy. If they aren't high enough (for example because you inherited expensive family jewelry), you can buy additional insurance specifically for these items.

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