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Get Help Getting Unemployment

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With millions of people getting laid off, the number of unemployment cases continues to rise. 

Applying for, and receiving unemployment benefits is usually a pretty straightforward process—although there are some factors like moving, and difficulty with a past employer that can complicate things.

Each state has its own unemployment laws. Finding your way through the process can be difficult, confusing and intimidating. When unexpected issues come up there are organizations willing to help you.
  • The American Bar Association is the national association of legal professionals. Your local bar association will give you information about legal aid organizations in your community. 
  • The National Legal Aid and Defender Association  is the largest national legal aid society. They will be able to put you in contact with someone in your community that can help you with your specific situation.
  • The Legal Services Corporation is a corporation created and funded by the federal government. Their mission is to provide quality legal assistance to low income people. They give grants and assistance to 137 legal assistance programs with more than 920 offices nationwide. They can put you in contact with an organization in your area.
  •  is a legal aid organization based out of New York City and San Francisco. They work closely with legal aid organizations across the country. They will be able to put you in contact with someone who can help your specific case.
  • is a non-profit organization that helps moderate and low income individuals find legal aid organizations in their community.
When you find yourself in a tough situation, and you can’t get in contact with your local unemployment office, your first step should be to look in your phone book for a legal aid organization. They are also called legal assistance or legal help organizations.
These groups are made of attorneys and other legal professionals who donate their time and resources to provide free or very low cost legal assistance to people with low incomes. There are many of them all over the country.


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i used to work for an armored car co. an someone in the state of oregon lost my money order to renew my D.P.S.S.T. (gun license) an i got fired from my job since i didnt have the proper credentials to keep my job. i filed for unemployment an i got it for 3 weeks an they canceled it an said i have to pay it there anything i can do to fight this?
I am currently trying to request payment for my Colorado Unemployment. It keeps telling me I have no weeks left to claim. I have tried to contact the UE numbers every day at least 8 times a day for the last 2 weeks. The same messages is repeated everytime "All or customer service reps are currently on other calls. Please call back at another time." I realllllly need to get a hold of these people. There is no other contact information for the Colorado UE department other then 2 phone numbers. Is there a way for me to contact these people? Do I have any legal rights here??
Over the past ten years I have paid in hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and I have never in my life ever collected unemployment compensation. When I look up my state's method of calculating unemployment compensation it says that my compensation will be based on the amount that I paid in taxes over the past year. The problem is that over the past two years I have taken a mere pittance of a salary because my company has been struggling and it could only afford to pay me $250 per week. In fact, the number is really a negative number because I have been forced to keep putting money into my company in an effort to keep the it afloat and to pay my employees. Prior to taking the salary cuts I was making over $200,000 per year and I have paid as much as $40,000 in "state" income tax in a single year, not to mention paying over $100,000 in federal taxes in a single year. Now my company is bankrupt and I have lost everything that I own trying to save it. Am I really going to get screwed by my state because they only want to consider what I paid in over the past twelve months? This seems very unfair. If I kill myself now at least my wife will collect two million in life insurance coverage before my policy gets canceled.
I was "let go" from a position as a Director of a Wound Center and was given severance payments which will end this week. Do I qualify for UE benefits while receiving severance? If I have been offered a job in a role unsimilar to what I was previously doing and for approx $9,000 less per year, do I have to accept this position in a totally different capacity?
Terminated as a supervisor after reporting another supervisor for altering associates work.Employer retaliated by termination.22 weeks and no benefits the case has been in appeals since June.Have emailed and called the EEOC,ESC,Governor,Mayor etc.Every organizion is behind and lacks funds.My home is now in foreclosure.Bank will not postpone...What do I do?

I'm in a very sticky situation. I understand that if you quit your job for a GOOD reason that you may get unemployment. Well, I was working in a factory and I was the only female there. I was harrassed more than once and I never felt safe because most of the men there were on parole. My number one reason for quitting was not feeling safe and the management was horrible. Am I able to get unemployment still?


Damone, Some words of advice for the future would be to document your fears by speaking to a supervisor about them and then record the date(s) that you spoke to your supervisor. This may be helpful later on. As for your current predicament, I would suggest applying for unemployment benefits and see if you are approved. While your state agency is processing your application, talk to a lawyer about what you can do to give yourself the best chance of receiving unemployment benefits.


My wife was recieving unemployment and had a part-time job. The long and short of this is her employer turned her and three fellow employees in for Fraud, for not citing refusal of hours.....The hours were call in approx 1 hour before a 12 hour shift, with no actual contact just message left with us out of town, or child care issues. She works a lot with scheduled overtime.

EDD stopped her payments....Its now been since mid November without any solution or decision made by EDD, We have tried multiple times leaving messages with the worker and Supervisor, and they do not return call.....The way we read the rules they had 10 days after her interview to get an answer?

So where do we stand now that its been 1 + months since her interview? And they refuse to return calls?


Rdgoosmicp, you should contact one of the legal aid agencies above and see if you can get a lawyer involved in the process.


i am at a crossroads to determine filing and my edd rights. I was a salaried salesperson and the company took away our salary and put on commission. I then was recruited to another competitor and had a 3 month draw against commission which has now ended. The compnay is not getting paid by the vendors and therefore I dont get paid. Lets say for August which is unknown as to how much my check would be is only $500 vs. $4000 a month which was my income received with the draw the same as my salaried job, I am unable to live on $500 a month and the next months out will be sales paid out next February--so I wont have commissions for the rest of 2009 until the Spring product ships next year.

As a commissioned sales person I do not and will not know my income until a check arrives on the 30th of each month. Can I file unemployment stating that as a commissioned sales person I would have to quit this job and find a salaried job that pays with certanty? I was employed with my previous employer for 2 1/2 years and before that 10yrs with another employer.

Can I file unemployment by leaving a commission only job that pays $500 for a 30 day period. I cannot live on that. Your insight would be appreciated before contacting and filing. Thanks in advance and guidance to determine my choices.


You are definately in a tough position. Sometimes, unemployment will compensate people if they are only employed part-time. You should check with you local unemployment agency to see if your situation will qualify as "part-time" employment.


In my eyes I am having a major problem. My husband is in the military and we recently got transferred from Virginia to Mississippi, but our housing is in Louisiana. So, because of him getting transferred I had to quit my job and relocate as well. I have applied to the state of Virginia for unemployment and they denied my claim because I voluntarily quit. Then I applied to the state of Louisiana, they said that I need to apply to Virginia because that is my last state of emplyment. My argument is, even I quit voluntarily I still had no choice, we were being relocated. Now I'm looking for a job in my new state but in the mean time struggling to make ends meet. Is there any help I can qualify for?


i feel my situation is somewhat unique. I told my boss in October that I was thinking of retiring at the end of the year (I have no retirement, only social security). The following week, the media started talking about we were in a real recession and things were going to get very bad. I then told my boss that I had changed my mind and was not going to retire with the economy getting so bad. She told me that she had thought she was just going to close the office, with business so far down, she could not keep it open and would move it to her house. She then stated she would probably have to get a job as a waitress as that was the only thing that she knew how to do (she's an attorney). She also said she would probably be able to give me some work, but would have to pay me on an hourly basis. I do not believe that after the few couple of weeks she will be able to have any work for me. The office will be closed completely by the end of the month. Do I have a chance at getting unemployment? I have worked in the office for 29 yrs. The only thing I worry about is saying I was thinking of retiring at the end of the year, although I have been employed through Jan and Feb.


Iam working part time and drawing ss. If i get layed off, will i be able to collect unemployment??


I was just laid off. Will i be able to collect unemployment?

i was laid off can i get unempolment

Hey Fred,

Please take a look at the Unemployment section of the