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Adult Day Care Provider

An Adult Day Car Provider walking with an elderly man

Adult day care is similar to traditional day care for children—except, instead of crying two year olds, you are caring for the elderly. Most adult day care centers take care of people with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, but they can include patients with other illnesses as well. Usually, adult day care centers are open Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

What You Will Need to Get Started
  How Much Can I Make?
  • Adult day care providers need special licensing, and each state is different.  For more information on licensing visit the National Adult Day Services Association.
  • You don’t need a college degree to become an adult day care provider, but you will be required to get special training.  Having a Certified Nurse’s Aide certification is helpful, and might even be mandatory depending on where you’re located.
  • Before you get started, you should talk to an attorney about forming a legal business entity, such as an LLC, Inc., S-Corp, etc. You should also have an attorney design and review all the contracts you’ll use with your clients. The legal and certification costs could be thousands of dollars, but you will save time and money by handling things properly. Breaking the law when it comes to caring for the elderly can result in jail time, so make sure to cover your bases with professional legal help.
  • Speak with your doctor or other local health care providers to see if they’ll allow you to advertise your services in their office, or better yet, if they’d be willing to refer clients to you.
  • Some adult day care providers also provide transportation for their clients. If you plan on providing transportation, make sure you have a good, reliable vehicle, a valid license and proper insurance.


  • Your income will vary depending on where you’re located and what services you provide (transportation, meals, etc.), but most adult day care providers charge $50-100 per day.




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I think this web site is wonderfull. It certainly pulled me out of a gloomy outlook. These ideaes give you hope there is something i can do there is HOPE. Thank you