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Build Your Career with a Starter Job

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A good way to start your career is with a starter job. Starter jobs can move you forward on your career path.

What is a starter job?

A starter job is a job in the same field or place as your career goal. At a starter job, you can work with or near people who have the job you want.

Here are some of the advantages of finding a starter job:

  • Build Skills
    You can increase your skills and knowledge. This will help you prepare for the career you want.
  • Build Contacts
    You can learn to connect with people who can help you move your career forward.
  • Build Experience
    You can use lots of different opportunities to build your experience. This will make you a much stronger job applicant in the future.

When should you look for a starter job?

If you know what career you're interested in, but don't have the experience, education, contacts, or skills to get the job you want, start looking for a starter job right away. Be patient – it takes time to work your way into the right job in your new field.

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I was employed by the Correctional Department of Puerto Rico and was working for the accounting division but I was not allowed to involve within anything else which weren't related to basic tasks as receiving, Inventory and distribution of merchandise and miscellaneous material. This was for the count of six years until 2010 when I was suspended from my job due to governmental orders due to the Economical crisis of Puerto Rico, discovered by the governor , Mr. Luis G. Fortuno.
i want to become a swat team member ..but to do that i need to be a police for 5 years

I am currently volunteering in a job that is ideal for me, but because My unemployment insurance is running out, I will have to find a job not directly in my field.


I would love the chance to be able to work around other people who are at the same level I am, and to be able to get more experience in my field by working hard and moving up.


I am currently voluntering at a job working around other people that can help me get more experience in my field, but I have to get a job not directly in my field because my unemployment is running out.


dcs, unfortunately that is sometimes the case. Try to find a job that offers at least some experience that you can use to help you land a job in your desired field.