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Apply for a Job

There are some simple things you need to keep in mind when applying for a job.  Don't let small mistakes, like having typos in your resume, keep you from getting hired!

Get Started:

Going on an Interview

  • Informational Interviews

    Once you have a list of possible career contacts, you should start building relationships.  A good way to do this is by going on informational interviews.
  • Preparing for an Interview

    The key to having a good interview is being prepared.  We'll show you what you  need to do so that you're ready for you big day!
  • Thank You Letter

    You should always send a thank you letter to the person that interviewed you.  We'll show you how.

Creating Your Resume

  • Tips for Writing a Resume

    Having a good resume is important.  Here are some tips you should follow when writing your resume.
  • Create a Resume

    Our FREE Resume Builder will help you build a professional resume in minutes!