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  • Best Ways to Find Rental Housing

How To Determine The Best Ways to Find Rental Housing

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Most people find apartments through classifieds ads and the Internet. If you're looking for an apartment and you don't qualify for or can't find public housing, newspapers and online searches are your best bet.

Apartment Search Web sites

There are many sites that include listings of available apartments. Check out some of the best sites we've found.
Includes apartments and information like neighborhood crime statistics, rent calculator, moving guide, and more.
Allows you to search by location, price, and features.

Easy to use.

Relocation Central
You tell them what you're looking for and a real person e-mails or calls you with information.
Offers listings, a Tenants Homepage, and more.

Craig’s List 
Many landlords and agencies post apartment listings online at Craig’s List.

Focuses on Section 8 and affordable housing.

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I'm a single mother of 6 and all I want to do is give my family a better place to live in but I need it be affordable, so if you and the other sites can help me getting what I need to live and not just live I will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much for the listing that you gave to me I know about craigslist and apartment .com but I really do thank you so much for the information that you have given to me.


Thanks for the links! I knew about craigslist, but there's so much more out there.